judgment, a great tool in cultivating awareness

I was saddened this morning.  Returning to our car, my husband and I found this note. 


This morning Scott and I took our three dogs to the beach.  While we were walking, I was lagging behind my husband by about 20 – 30 feet with dog pick-up bags in my pocket.  After Simon did his business, Scott stood by the spot to wait for me to come to pick up the waste.  We then took our pick-up bags with other trash we had collected from the beach and made our way to the waste receptacle.  Making our way to the car, we found the note above.    

What saddens me is how quickly we are to judge our fellow humans.  Of course, myself included. I, however, do not judge the individual who left this note on our car.  I feel compassion for him or her.  (Although I did feel a little bit of fear because they did seem quite angry and had we met them in the parking lot, I don’t know what their reaction would have been.)  I feel compassion for the individual because one who judges is usually quite critical of themselves.  And, judgment typically reaches forward from a place of fear. 

We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. – Anais Nin

Meditation is a great tool to use to cultivate awareness of judgment in our lives.  It creates space and distance around those feelings as well as awareness of our thoughts and feelings. If we do notice judgment(s) of ourselves or others, try to simply notice.  Take note.  And then, maybe ask yourself, “How much truth is in this judgment?” “Do I really have an understanding of what is going on in this situation?” Next, allowing an “answer” to arise, if one does, and moving forward through the situation possibly without reacting.  



















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