one conscious breath

Meditation happens the moment we realize our focus has drifted from the present. In that split second realization, when we are in the now, the mind loosens.  It rests.  It shakes off the troubles of the past and worries of the future. 


As I sit here typing this, my mind moves backward and forward. Back into what I did yesterday and forward into the things I need (want) to accomplish this evening. In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and intention setting, consider tucking a thought into the back of your mind that will trigger a stillness of the mind.  Something that has the possibility of bringing about a quieting and slowing of the jumpiness of the mind.  For me the thought is, “back to the breath, Kelly, back to the breath.”  This brings me out of a swirl of thoughts into a stillness and settledness.  That doesn’t mean that normal thought activity does not carry on soon thereafter.  It does. But, for those moments, resting of the mind can and does happen.  

Weeks 11 through 14 in the garden have found me planting turnips, kohlrabi, darkifor kale, shishito peppers, leeks and a few more lettuces.   Some from starter plants, but mostly from seed.  The leeks did not germinate and needed to be re-seeded, but the others have sent up tiny shoots.  I also filled in among the cells a few more radishes while admiring the frothy tops of carrots planted weeks ago.


The tomato plants are not faring well with the bacterial blight and what also appears to be a plant- parasitic insect called a root-knot nematode feeding on the roots of at least one of the tomato plants.  The tomato plant where it was feeding had to be removed.  I underplanted two more tomato plants near the two mature ones expecting the mature ones will need to be pulled soon.  Finally, below is a shot of a couple things I brought home, scallions and russian kale.   

IMG_0691 IMG_0689

I hope 2014 brings about a chance to experience mindfulness and stillness in your day even if it is in the form of one conscious breath.  That is and would be a beautiful thing.